We Are Vestibular Interdisciplinary

Working Group

Disseminating knowledge and resources to people involved in the vestibular rehabilitation pathway.


VIWG - Who are we?

Our working group consists of clinical and academic professionals committed to interdisciplinary vestibular neurorehabilitation. Our aim is to enable our clients to lead more independent lives by enhancing their participation in daily activities.

Our working group prioritises interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together professionals from various fields including audiovestibular medicine, behavioural optometry, case management, clinical psychology, health psychology, neurology, neuropsychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychiatry, social work, speech and language therapy, and sports science.


We Are Committed

Our aim is to establish networking opportunities that enable professionals to participate in discussions and debates about clinical topics, informed by the latest research.

We are committed to fostering collaboration and education both within our working group and with the broader community, including those living with vestibular dysfunction
Our objective is to provide support to professionals in the field as well as to those affected by vestibular disorders, by developing and distributing resources that are free and available to everyone.

Steering Group

Dr Julius Bourke, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Dr Richard Coates, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr Diego Kaski, Consultant Neurologist

Sandy Le Blanc, Consultant Occupational Therapist

Owen Leigh, Lead Behavioural Optometrist

Sally de le Fontaine, Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist

Dr Peter Savundra, Consultant Audiovestibular Physician

Dr Laura Smith, Lecturer in Health Psychology

Dr Sylvia Taylor-Goh, Consultant Speech & Language Therapist


Our Current Projects

We currently have the following projects underway which will result in the provision of resources for professionals and individuals with vestibular disorders. Each project is led by a member of the steering group with the support of a working party.


To create a repository of video client stories relaying their day-to-day experience of living with a vestibular disorder

Led by Dr Richard Coates 


To create a vestibular screening tool for case managers and other health professionals to use when assessing people with brain injury. The tool takes account of the whole person and includes a range of behavioural, cognitive, communication, physical and visual symptoms

Led by Sandy Le Blanc 


To investigate the effect of vestibular disorders on communication, that is, an individual’s processing and understanding of speech, speaking, reading and writing / typing / messaging. The results of the research will be available on the website later in 2024.

Led by Dr Sylvia Taylor-Goh


Freely Available Resources

We are working on developing the following resources which will be freely available later in 2024

1. Guidance for Professionals re Vestibular Communication Difficulties
2. Self-Management Guidance for individuals with Vestibular Communication Difficulties
3. Vestibular Screening Tool for Professionals
4. Video client stories